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Who We Are

DF GROUP is a fundraising company that connects startups to investors. Our mission is to help make ideas happen while matching the promising tech teams to the most prolific angels and VCs from all over the world.

Being founders and entrepreneurs ourselves, we know how important it is to get some funding at the right time and, what is even more important, from the right person or company. Investors we work with are passionate about the industries they are looking to invest into and can provide not only funding, but a valuable advice and professional support.

There is nothing better than seeing how inspired founders and investors get in touch and collaborate on great ideas. We believe that this is the only combination that leads to building an outstanding company.

How It Works

We work with the talented technology-driven teams at any stage: from pre-seed to series A and beyond.


After the startup contacts us, we usually ask to fill in the application form with the information we need to analyze the potential and find out if this company fits our investors' needs and interest.


Then we work with startups on their ideas, business plan, decks and help them prepare for the pitch. At this stage, we involve the advisors having an exceptional success and experience in particular area.


Every contract we sign is unique and the terms heavily depend on the industry you work in, but usually we help get investments in return for small stakes in the companies or a revenue share. Of course, only if you got funded.

We don’t have any deadline for the application. Brilliant idea may leap into bright mind at any time, and sometimes it’s crucial to start right away and get the timely funding. This is why our application form is always open and we are restlessly looking for the fantastic teams to support.


We live in an amazing time of important discoveries and great technological advancements, and there is even more to come! We are especially curious about technologies of the future that’re going to advance our life making it longer, healthier, and much more fun.

However, we’re not only interested in startups that are inventing something completely new, we also happy to work with the talented teams making small advancements in their industries.

Below is the list of categories we primarily focus on but if you have a great technology company that doesn’t fall into any of these categories, you may contact us anyway, there’s always a chance that we and our investors will be impressed by what you do.

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Description needed!


Description needed!


VR Parks, Virtual Wrolds, Video Games, Entertainmant Experiences

Artificial Intelligence

Description needed!

Big Data

Description needed!

BioTech / Genetics

DNA Editing, DNA Database, DNA Storage Library


Feature Films, TV Shows, Animation, Music


Games, Committees, Leagues, Clubs, Broadcasters, Agencies, ESports Players Sponsorhips


Markets prediction, AI software Description needed! Description needed!

Health and Wellness

Description needed!

Internet of Things

Description needed!

Robotics & Mech

Description needed!

Smart City

Description needed!


Description needed!


Lazer Communication, Satelites 3D Printing


Description needed!

Video Games

PC Games, Online Games, Consol/Hendheld Games, Mobile Games, Game Development Tools


Description needed!